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"Her tenure as director of the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition gave her insight into the needs of the most marginalized in the county and an opportunity to learn how to pull the policy levers of local government to impact the lives of all people."



"As Executive Director of ECHO, Ann worked with government, business and civic leaders to find housing, healthcare, social services and law enforcement solutions for our community’s most vulnerable."

Howdy, I'm Ann Howard.  I am proud to be a candidate in November 2020 general election to serve you as Precinct 3 Travis County Commissioner.


Over the past nearly 8 years, I had the honor of working alongside many inspiring people as the founding Executive Director of the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO), an alliance of over 50 governmental and non-profit groups working to transform the local response to homelessness. 

My work at ECHO, my previous work as an attorney, and my long-time community volunteer work has been driven by a core set of values that I believe match the values and priorities of Precinct 3.  The people I talk to want smart solutions to community problems.  They care about jobs and healthcare and schools and the environment.  They care about their neighbors.  They want government to do better, not less.  I agree.

Beating back Donald Trump's assault on truth and compassion means, in part, electing local leaders who are transparent, collaborative, caring and ready to get to work 24/7 to help solve big problems.

As a candidate, I believe in efficient, effective and fair government that serves the needs of the whole community.  My vision for Travis County is to be a great place to grow up and grow old – to raise a familyeducate children, build a career, live affordably, be safe and healthy, have clean air and water, and love your neighbor.


Since kicking things off in March 2019, I have been so encouraged by the response we have received from family, friends and colleagues. Together I know we can win in November, and go on to help make Travis County government work better for more people.


I ask for your vote, and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

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There are no contribution limits in Ann's race.  Your contribution

of $100, $250, $500 or more will help Ann win in 2020!

Mail checks to "Ann Howard Campaign" to 1812 West Avenue #202, Austin TX, 78701

Pol. adv. pd. for by Ann Howard for Travis County Commissioner, Bev Reeves, Treasurer.