In the midst of chaos in Washington, D.C., I believe we have an opportunity in Travis County to change the tone and impact the future for good.  Now more than ever we need leaders to be collaborative and transparent.  No more hate, no more lies.  


Instead, let’s work together to take care of each other.   As Precinct 3 Travis County Commissioner, I’ll work with you to fight traffic congestion, preserve affordability, protect our environment, ensure criminal justice reform, end homelessness and much more.  There are big problems to solve and I’m ready to get going.  Will you work with me to make a positive change?

Please let me know and I will be in touch to plug you in to our campaign!

There are no contribution limits in Ann's race.  Your contribution

of $100, $250, $500 or more will help Ann win in 2020!

Mail checks to "Ann Howard Campaign" to 1812 West Avenue #202, Austin TX, 78701

Pol. adv. pd. for by Ann Howard for Travis County Commissioner, Bev Reeves, Treasurer.